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Ushkir Tau mount in Boszhira valley, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan

Travel to the Ushkir Tau mountain in the Boszhira tract.

Mount Ushkir Tau is similar to the cruiser Aurora and is a mountain range made of soft rocks. Mount Ushkir Tau is included in the 6th panorama of Boszhira. This landmark of the Mangyshlak Peninsula can be seen from all sides, and it will not go unnoticed.

Ushkir Tau mountain range - how to get there.

The Ushkir Tau mountain range is located in the tract and valley Boszhira in the southeast Mangystau region , in Kazakhstan.

Ushkir Tau - information for tourists.

Tourists from all over the world visit the Mangyshlak Peninsula for an unforgettable experience of traveling through the lands of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our company also invites you to admire the beauty of Mangyshlak.

Ushkir Tau mountain range Boszhira, Mangyshlak.