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Chiyli crater (Shiyli meteorit crater) in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to Chiyli crater (Sheyli) meteorite crater.

The Shiyli meteorite crater Chiyli crater, is located in the Aktobe region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its diameter is 5.5 kilometers. Scientists believe that the meteorite fell to the earth several million years ago and caused quite impressive destruction at the site of the fall. The crater is approximately 50 meters deep. But this does not mean that you will arrive at the place and see a pit 50 meters deep and 5 km wide in front of you, such a crater was at the moment when the meteorite fell. Over time, wind and rain and sand have worn out the original appearance of the crater a little, so you may not see an obvious crater when you arrive. This place attracts researchers and travelers from all over the world, people come here to see the Kazakh endless steppe, the nature of Kazakhstan and study the phenomenon of Shyili Meteorite Crater. Also, many alternative researchers argue that once the territory of Kazakhstan was subjected to some kind of impact, possibly high-power weapons from which so-called meteorite craters remained.

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