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Akzhar multicolored mountains

Excursion from Arkalyk to Akzhar Valley -

Colorful Ulytau Mountains, Akzhar Hills -

Akzhar-multicolored mountainsб hills, low hills are located in the steppe of Kazakhstan, represent a steppe covered with low beautiful hills. The maximum height of the Akzhar tract is 250 meters, the area is located in the valley of the Kara-Turgai and Saba rivers. Also in this area there is a hill called Zhalanshykturme.

How to get there, visit -

The valley, the Akzhar tract is located in Kostanay region, in the south, Ulytau district, 18 kilometers from the village of Mayatas, 30 kilometers from the village of Ekidin, 130 kilometers from the village of Ulytau.
GPS coordinates: N49°20'19" E66°07'56"

Information -

The Akzhar tract is very beautiful, the soil here consists of clay, which, washed out by water, forms various kinds of relief and fills it with the whole palette of colors, once upon a time there was an ocean here. The area at first glance strikes with its lifelessness, but it only seems that way, a large number of different types of insects and land animals live here. Vegetation is sparse here. The best time for a photo tour in the Akzhar tract is at sunset or dawn, at this time the area is filled with an abundance of colors and unique colors. Also, this location must be visited in the spring, then the area is covered with greenery, grass and flowers, in the second half of summer the area burns out, but the colors of the breed remain the same.

Multicolored Akzhar Mountains, Kostanay region


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