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Kenderli nature bay, the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

Adventure tour to Kenderli Bay from Aktau - Caspian Sea Coast.

Kenderli Bay is located near the Kazakh Bay on the Caspian Sea, in theRepublic of Kazakhstan. The length of the Kenderli Bay coastline is 25 kilometers. The area which includes the Kenderli Bay is called Mangistau.

Kenderli bay how to get from Aktau.

Our company will organize a trip and a guide for you to the specified point (transport, guide, meals 2 times).
It is necessary to move to the southeast along the Aktau-Zhanaozen-Kenderli highway. After 65 km of the route, the beaches of Kenderli Bay begin.

Kenderli resort - delivery to the place.

Kenderli Bay has warm and very pleasant water. In summer, the sun warms up this area, the maximum depth of the bay is no more than one meter. There is also the Kenderli resort, many Kazakhstanis have chosen this bay for family time. There is a sandy beach with white sand, there are absolutely wild places where you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of resort areas, spending the night in a tent by the fire.


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