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Sherkala mount in Mangystau

Adventure travel to Sherkala mount-photo tour

Sherkala (kaz. Shergala) is a lonely mountain of unusual shape, about 94 km north-east of the city of Aktau, 18 km from the village of Shetpe in Mangystau region of Kazakhstan. If you look at it from one side, the mountain resembles a huge white yurt, but on the other, Sherkala resembles a sleeping lion with its huge head resting on its paws. Therefore, the mountain was named Sherkala, which in translation from Turkmen means "Lion Mountain" or "Lion Mountain".

Climb to Sherkala mount

The Lion Mountain is surrounded by an aura of curious legends. Its limestone slopes are steep and only towards the top they become gentle, forming a giant tent, reminiscent of the top of a yurt. You can climb it only if you have special equipment. It will take at least an hour to get around Sherkala. And if you want to look into some of the many caves, wander around the site of an ancient settlement, looking for shards, witnesses of bygone civilizations, then an hour will not be enough for you. There is a popular belief that if you make a wish before going around Sherkala, it will definitely come true. But the main thing is that behind every bend, behind a new bend, an amazing view opens up, so unusual that sometimes it seems that you are on an uninhabited planet.

Valley of Balls - tract Torysh Tuzbair

You can find at the Sherkala mount area one of the unique natural places of Kazakhstan is the Valley of Balls, located in the tract Torysh. This place is famous for thousands of randomly arranged round stone formations, or spherical nodules.

How to get to Sherkala mount

Drive 94 km north-east of the city of Aktau, 18 km from the village of Shetpe. Around Sherkala there is a scattering of spherical boulders - nodules of various sizes. You will also see them by the way. Many were cracked by the wind. Other small nodules lie broken. Inside - a trace of a shell or fish. The steppe at the foot of the mountain turns green, blooms.

Sherkala mount oasis and water spring

Not far from Sherkala there is a green oasis. This is a spring and a small river Akmysh. It is pleasant to sit here in the shade of age-old trees under the ringing trills of birds, listening to the story about the settlement of Mangyshlak. It was built on the route of the caravan route, which was used by trade between Bukhara and the northern lands centuries ago. This city was burned down several centuries ago. Sherkala is considered one of the shrines of Mangystau. Popular tourist attraction

Sherkala mount


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