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Zhagylgan sinkhole, Caspian Sea side

Excursion to the Zhagylgan sinkhole

The Zhagylgan sinkhole or Cape Zhygylgan (Fallen Land) is located in the Mangistau region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea coast. Cape Zhagylgan is one of the most important local attractions of the Tyub-Karagan Peninsula and is an almost perfect circular depression.

Zhagylgan sinkhole information for tourists

The Zhygylgan sinkhole is located at a maximum altitude of 200 meters above sea level and the circumference of the sinkhole is at least 5 kilometers. The Zhygylgan failure consists of huge broken stones and boulders, the size of which is quite large, which creates endless heaps and chaos.

Zhagylgan sinkhole safety

Being on the observation deck of the Zhygylgan dip, be vigilant and careful, it is not safe to approach the very edge, as the rock is not stable, and there is often a strong wind here, so it is necessary to observe safety measures in this place and not come close to the edge.

How the Zhagylgan sinkhole appeared-legend

Legend has it that once upon a time a prophet passed here, the predecessor of Muhammad. He stopped here to rest and pray, but during the prayer thieves stole his horse. As punishment, the land collapsed and swallowed up the thieves.
Scientists say that the Zhygylgan failure appeared after a powerful earthquake that happened in this area, they also report that perhaps there were underground voids in this place and they collapsed over time. There is no exact data, and the exact date when this happened is not known either.

If you go down into the hole itself, then you will find yourself in a stone fairy tale, here you can find a kind of shelter or something very reminiscent of them, the locals say that this is done by poachers who come here and hunt mouflons. I also live here, wolves, hares, snakes are not poisonous such as, or a snake.

Traces of ancient animals, failure of Zhagylgan

Here you can find footprints of dinosaurs. Travelers go here to see them. Here you can find all sorts of dinosaur footprints, traces of saber-toothed tigers. In ancient times, there was silt on which these traces remained and eventually hardened.
There are also ancient ruins of fortresses and rock paintings. It is best to come to this place for two days and spend the night in a tent, since one day is not enough to explore the hole and its surroundings.

How to get to the Zhagylgan sinkhole

Our company will organize for you a full range of services to visit this place. Aktau - Shevchenko highway (it is necessary to move east, towards the Caspian Sea), then follow the signs. Next, you will need to turn onto a dirt and very dusty road. A car is not suitable for this trip, it is best to go in a 4x4 jeep. The landmark is the old lighthouse on the top of the Zhagylgan cape. Geographic coordinates of Zhygylgan (observation deck at the summit): N44º36,449´ E50º 50.082

Zhagylgan sinkhole


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