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Mangyshlak Chalk (white) Mountains

Travels in Mangyshlak-chalk mountains of Mangistau

To get to the chalk mountains of Mangyshlak, first we need to be in the city of Aktau. It is easiest to travel around Mangyshlak from Aktau city. We leave Aktau and keep the direction to the city of Fort Shevchenko, we pass the village of Akshukur, Telman. Further we move to the north, along the road we will be accompanied by the coast of the Caspian Sea. We need to get to the city of Fort Shevchenko after 44 kilometers and then move to the north-east. In the course of our movement, the terrain will change, landscapes will replace each other. Slowly we will reach the Aktau mountains, which are stunning with their whiteness. At 81 kilometer we will meet a fork. To the right is the Shetpe village, to the left is the Tauchik village, straight ahead are the villages of Kalamkas and Karazhambas. We need to go straight, along the way we will often stop and take photo sessions because we will always meet all sorts of natural formations and beautiful panoramas on our way. At the 111th kilometer we arrive at the white mountains of Aktau, here there is a parking place for travelers. We define this place for ourselves as the Chalk Mountains of Mangyshlak. Everything here is snow-white, in bright light, the earth reflects the light and dazzles, do not forget to take the sun goggles. Here you can find teeth of ancient sharks, druze and semi-precious stones.

The Chalk mountains of Mangystau


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