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Zhidebay tract and Abai museum

Excursion tours to the monuments of Abai and Shakarim -

The Zhidebay tract is located in the East Kazakhstan region, Abay district. The Zhidebai tract is very beautiful and unusual. If you are here at the moment when spring is here, the tract is filled with all the colors of the rainbow. Different flowers bloom here and green grass is all around and around the tract are surrounded by low mountains. The mountains are called Ordo, with the highest point being Mount Ordatas, which is 1066 meters above sea level, which is quite high for the steppe.

How to get there, visit -

The Zhidebay tract is located 24 kilometers from the village of Karaul, 180 kilometers to the nearest large city Semey.

The Karaolen tract and the Balapan tract next to the Zhidebai tract -

Two tracts Karaolen and Balapan are also located in this area and you can visit them, but then you will have to stop here for the night, as it will take additional time.

Museum of Abai Kunanbayev in the Zhidebay tract -

In 1945, the Abay Museum was opened on the territory of the Zhidebai tract. Here was the wintering place of the great poet and educator Abai Kunanbayev. In 1970, the museum and the entire complex were reconstructed. In the museum you can see personal belongings and various kinds of materials that were transferred here by Abai's relatives. Here you will see books, photographs, and photographic documents of the poet, as well as his dombra (Kazakh musical instrument), household items.

Zhidebai tract in Abai region


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