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Boritastagan granite massif

Excursion to Boritastagan granite cliff -

Megalithic formations of East Kazakhstan -

Boritastagan is a granite cliff, which is surrounded by the most beautiful steppe of Kazakhstan. It is a lonely granite mountain, a granite ledge, a granite massif. Granite mountain is located on a flat surface, the cliff is very unusual in its location and appearance. The petroglyphs of Boritastagan are also located here, the images were painted on the rocks with red ochre in distant, ancient times. The petroglyphs are located in a small grotto on the western side of the mountain. Boritastagan clearly enjoyed great popularity in the distant past, and now it is a natural and national landmark of the region.

How to get there, visit -

Boritastagan granite massif is located in East Kazakhstan, Kokpekty district, Zhabagaily Mountains are 30 kilometers from Boristagan Mountain. There is also a small Bugaz River here. The distance from Ayagoz village to Boristagan is 193 kilometers. The distance from the village of Kokpekty to Boritastagan is 123 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N48°04'02" E82°27'34"

Information -

The length of the Boritastagan mountain is 230 meters, the width is 70 meters at the widest point, the height is 560 meters above sea level. In the western part of the mountain there is a cave in which there are rock carvings. The cave can be reached by a ladder made by local residents. Not far from the Boristagan mountain, at a distance of about 8 kilometers, the Bugaz River flows, next to which you can stop for the night. The places here are incredibly beautiful and picturesque, you will not meet crowds of tourists and travelers here, it is easy to retire in nature away from civilization.

Boritastagan Mountain, a granite cliff in the East Kazakhstan region


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