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Chilik river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Chilik river-rafting, photo tour-Chilik river.

Chilik or Shelek (Shilik, Shelek; Kaz. Shelek) is a river in the Ili river basin. The most beautiful mountain river flowing through the territory of Kazakhstan. On the river, you can have a great time camping or rafting down the river. Both options are possible with one overnight stay on the river bank.

Chilik river-how to get there.

It flows through Talgar, Raimbek, Enbekshikazakh districts of Almaty region. From the city of Almaty to the Chilik river 150 kilometers, 2 hours on the way. The river is 245 km long, the catchment area is 4980 km2.

Chilik river-information for tourists.

It starts from the glaciers on the northern slopes of the Kungei Alatau and flows into the Kapchagai reservoir 20 km north of the Shelek village. In the upper part, the river flows into a narrow gorge, and below it expands. The river is replenished by atmospheric precipitation, glaciers and groundwater. The river has about 70 branches. The main tributaries are Taldy, Zhinishke, Sarybulak, Asy. The long-term average water discharge in the area of the Malybai village is 32.2 m3 / s. Most of the water is used for irrigation of crops, gardens, in the upper basin - pastures, hayfields. Several small hydroelectric power stations and the Bartogay dam were built along it. From there, the water is directed to the Big Almaty Canal. Sh. Valikhanov visited the Chilik Valley in 1856, collected information about the nature of the river basin, the occupations of its inhabitants, and conducted archaeological research. He suggested that an ancient irrigation system existed here in antiquity.

Chilik river.

  • Distance of the route: 300 km
  • Season time: June, July, August
  • Best time: Summer time
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 1

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