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Tuzbair in Mangistau region, Republic Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Tuzbair.

Tuzbair is the name of the area and salt marsh on the Ustyurt plateau in Kazakhstan, Mangistau region. The snow-white salt marsh stretches here for more than 8 kilometers. The area is varied and picturesque, we advise you to stay here for one night and see the area at sunset and sunrise. At this time, the area takes on a magical magical color. Photographers spend a long time here to capture the local beauty with their camera.

Tuzbair - how to get there.

Sor Tuzbair is located in the Mangistau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The nearest landmarks are Aktau city, highway Aktau - Beineu city, Caspian Sea coast.
Main landmark, Sai Cliff Village, Manat Rise, South Side Oil Pipeline. The road to the salt marsh passes in a desert steppe area, so you can only drive a 4x4 car here. For hiking, you will need a large supply of water.

Tuzbair - information for tourists.

The Tuzbair Salt Flats is a 6 km long salt plateau. It is composed of limestone, strong wind blows here, therefore it is necessary to wear windproof clothing and sunglasses. For walking, it is better to use mountain shoes with protective soles and protective toecaps.

Tuzbair - GPS coordinates: 44.01027, 53.22716.
The coordinates of the viewing platforms: 44.09026, 53.19621; 44.07974, 53.20703; 44.04663, 53.22466; 44.04609, 53.23928; 44.04905, 53.26531. All sites are within a radius of 30 km.