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Bozoy plateau in Almaty region, Kazakhstan

Tour to Bozoy (plateau) from Almaty city

Bozoy plateau, located in the south of the sandy Taukum valley, between the rivers Ashysu and Kurty. Here small mountain rivers originate, which dry up by the middle of summer. The plateau is deserted, used for grazing animals.

Bozoy plateau - how to get there

It is located in the Zhambyl district of the Almaty region. The average height of the Bozoy plateau is 400-500 m, the length from north-west to south-east is 45-50 km. The highest point is in the south (Mount Kazbek, 785 m).

Bozoy plateau - information for tourists

The plateau is quite extensive, it is part of the Kazakh great steppe, a large number of different types of animals and mammals live here. The plateau is composed of rocks of the Upper Carboniferous - Lower Permian systems. The climate is sharply continental, the average temperature in January is -10 ° С, in July - 25 ° С. The annual precipitation is 250-300 mm.

Bozoy plateau


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