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Zhogarly Boszhira plateau

Walks and a trip to the Boszhira tract

Boszhira tract tours - excursions

Jogarly Boszhira is the name of the most beautiful chalk plateau, which has recently become very popular among local tourists and guests from abroad. People come here from all over the country and all over the world to enjoy the Kazakh steppe and see where the ancient Tethys ocean was located earlier. Jogarly Boszhira is part of the Ustyurt plateau and is located in the Mangistau region.

Jogarly Boszhira - how to get there

Boszhira is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Mangistau region, Karakiyak district. Nearby are such places as Mount Azu Tisteri and Mount Shoky Tau. Zhogarly Boszhira is part of the Ustyurt Upland. So here is the Ulken Keme mountain and plateau from which the best panorama of the area opens. To get here, you need to drive through the Zhusaly slope. Further 8 kilometers through the Ortasha plateau you will reach the place of Zhogarly Boszhira.Jogarly Boszhira GPS coordinates - N43 ° 25'19.01 "E54 ° 03'38.63"

Jogarly Boszhira - information for tourists

When on the site of the Zhogarly Boszhira plateau, there was also a splash of the great and ancient ocean Tethys. The remains of ancient mammals can still be found here. In large numbers, you can find teeth of ancient sharks of various sizes here, there are quite large specimens the size of the palm of an average person.

Jogarly Boszhira


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