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Meretsay Canyon

Travel to Tamshaly canyon

Meretsay Canyon (also known as Tamshaly Canyon) is the name of the canyon that stretches from the north to the southeast. The canyon is an ancient crack in the earth's crust. There are also two ancient buildings, Aktam and Shiaulie necropolises.

Meretsay Canyon - how to get there

The canyon is located on the territory of the Tupkaragan peninsula in the Mangistau region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the abandoned fishing village of Karagan. The distance from the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Meretsai canyon is 27.5 kilometers.

GPS coordinates Meretsai Canyon - N44 ° 34'48.07 "E50 ° 36'37.49"

Meretsay Canyon - tourist information

Meretsai Canyon is also known as the continuation or beginning of the Tamshaly Canyon. Two canyons are attractions of the Mangystau region. At the junction of Meretsay canyon and Tamshaly canyon there is a stream with the purest spring water. The water flows down the walls of the grotto, it is cool in the grotto and here you can hide from the summer heat. Mulberry, apple and pear trees grow in the Meretsai Canyon. There is a small lake and a small waterfall next to which you can stay overnight.

Meretsay Canyon


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