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Sands Sam, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Trip along the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

Drive from Beineu to Turysh village.

Sands Sam consists of several different zones of sand, which are spread over an area of 77 square kilometers. The sands are called Zharkum, Shonay, Sorsha, Zharykkuduk, Uyaly and Sholkum.

Sands Sam - how to get there and where is it.

Sands Sam are located in the Mangistau region, on the territory of Kazakhstan, Beineu region. Some of these sands are also located in the Aktobe region. Also, some of these sands are located on the territory of Uzbekistan, along these sands the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan passes.

Sands Sam - tourist information.

A new railway line runs along the sands Sam, with Shalkar and Beineu stations located on it. This railway connects the city of Almaty and Mangyshlak. The length of the railway is 988 kilometers.

Sands Sam.


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