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Mountain river Merke, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Rest and hike on the Merke river.

Hiking to the upper reaches of the Merke River.

The Merke River, a picturesque mountain river originates in the mountains of the Kyrgyz Alatau. The river flows through a rather narrow and very beautiful mountain gorge. There is a one-day mountain trail here, along which it is possible to make a hike while in the area.

River Merke - how to get there.

The river is located in the Zhambyl region on the territory of Kazakhstan, the Merken district. The river is 100 kilometers long. The river originates from glaciers in the Shiman tract and then flows into the Koragaty river as its tributary. The upper part of the gorge is narrow when leaving the mountains, the valley widens.

River Merke - tourist information.

The Merke River is a natural and tourist attraction in the region. Here you can have a great time and go to the mountains of the Kyrzgyz Alatau. It will be pleasant to spend time here for people who like to walk in the mountains and sit by the fire. Traveling around the Zhambyl region, we will definitely visit this region and go to the mountains in the upper reaches of the Merke River.

River Merke.