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Ancient water supply in the city of Akyrtas, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan.

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The ancient city of Akyrtas contains many mysteries that excite the minds of researchers. It can be seen that Akyrtas has been rebuilt more than once, now we call the so-called renovation in our apartment or the construction of a new house on the meta of the old using the available material. In one of these repairs in the city of Akyrtas, a water supply was laid.

Akyrtas water supply.

Akyrtas was supplied with water from two reservoirs. Reservoir No. 1 was located 3.7 kilometers from the city, Shoshkaly gorge. Reservoir No. 2 3.1 kilometers, Uzunbulak gorge.
Water entered the city through pipes that were made of clay about 60 centimeters long. The water supply system is perfectly preserved and it is possible to see it with your own eyes at this archaeological site of high scientific and historical value.

Excavations at the site of the city of Akyrtas.

Many archaeological research has been carried out in Akyrtas, including excavations and studies of the aqueduct. It is worth noting that the distance of 3 kilometers is rather big if you imagine that the pipes were only 60 centimeters long. During the excavations, the fact was noted that the water supply system is a rather complex system of interlacing pipes covering the entire city.

Akyrtas is an ancient 5 star hotel.

Water was supplied to almost every house that had a small pool. Rumor has it that Akyrtas was an ancient 6-star hotel on the Silk Road that only very wealthy merchants could afford to stay. Artificial pools for storing water 40x40 meters in size were discovered near the city. This water was used to irrigate the land and fields. Water in these basins was supplied in the same way through an earthen water supply system.

Akyrtas - archeological tour.

Geographic coordinates of reservoir No. 1 at the exit from the Kyzylikainarai (Shoshkaly) gorge near the Akyrtas settlement: N42 ° 55'09.25 "E71 ° 48'21.94"
GPS coordinates of reservoir No. 2 at the exit from the Uzunbulak gorge, near the Akyrtas settlement: N42 ° 55'30.43 "E71 ° 47'42.80"

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