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Aulie-tas sacred holy cave in Bayanaul park

Excursion to the Aulie tas cave in the Bayan Aul park.

Travel from Nursultan city to Bayanaul park and Aulie-tas cave.

From distant ancestors who lived in ancient times on the planet, all the customs and traditions associated with the cult of deceased ancestors, the nature of the seasons, and elemental forces have come down to us and preserved in their original form; with the mysteries of birth and death, world order ...
The dogmas of world religions and superstitions get along well, mutually complement each other, maintaining contemplation and fear of God in the minds of people. But they even more strengthen their belief in themselves, in their own strength. Having achieved victory, good luck, having achieved a successful result, people must thank the Almighty or the forces accompanying him.

Veneration of the spirits of the ancestors of the Aruachs.

In Kazakh cult traditions and religious rites, Islam is accompanied by the veneration of aruakhs - spirits living everywhere and in everything. They are dedicated to objects, artificial structures, natural objects with the status of sacredness - mazars, springs, trees, piles of stones - "obo", rocks and boulders, piles of stones, grottoes, crevasses and caves, hills and lowlands, lakes and groves.
They are found in every area of Kazakhstan.

Tying fabric ribbons in sacred places.

Everywhere, Kazakhstanis, regardless of religion and nationality, when visiting sacred places, observe the ritual of tying ribbons and scraps of cloth and skins to the branches, leave money and food.
There are more places of worship in the National Bayan-Aul Park - a mountain-forest area that spreads around the regional center, the village of Bayanaul, and passes further south to the Kyzyltau reserve, and to the south-west to Karkaraly.
Each tract has its own history, and all together they make up a unique complex of folklore and ethnographic information - myths, legends, legends, descriptions of cult actions, which reflect the life of people who inhabited this part of the Kazakh Upland in ancient and later eras.

Aulietas cave - history.

Aulietas cave with miraculous healing power. If tourists come just to satisfy their curiosity, then other visitors seek help from the aruach spirits here.

In 1902, engineer geographer N. Konshin in his brochure "From Pavlodar to Karkaralinsk" wrote: "The sick - the rich and the poor, came in the evening. The night was spent in or near a cave. The rich slaughtered a ram and cooked meat on a fire before entering, without fail in the water from the cave. From there they took water for ablution, drank it, poured it on the diseased parts of the body.
The worshipers made "chirak" candles from chiy wrapped in cotton or rags, soaked in the fat of a slaughtered ram. Candles were burned in the cave, pretending to wash themselves with fire or rub a sore spot on the body with it. The more candles were burned, the better. In the form of a sacrifice, scraps were hung all around, and the rich put money at the well. The dream was fulfilled if one saw it during the night at the cave.
Poor people could take money with the words addressed to the holy spirit: "Taksir, do not be angry, let me take this money."

Mount Aulie in Bayanaul park.

There are other similar places in the National Park - Mount Aulie 1055 meters high, the Zheltau tract, the Myrzashoky hill, the fossilized Koitas placer, the graves of Batyr Zhasybai, the poet Bukhara-zhyrau and the philosopher Mashhur Zhusup Kopeyuly, the spring of Lake Toraigyr, old and coal mine mines.
Each has its own group of Aruachs, with their own "specialization". In general, they help to solve problems with conceiving a child, with improving family relations, and curing chronic diseases.
Sometimes they simply help to strengthen health for people who do not suffer from ailments: they stimulate an increase in vigor and general recovery. Aruahs also exert their influence on people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. At each "oryn kasietti" a prescribed chain of rituals is performed, some of which are slightly modernized, in accordance with the level of perception of people living in the 21st century.

Sharykshi in the Aulietas cave.

There is a guardian - shyrykshy, to whom these duties are inherited or by special order of the aruakhs, who can appear in a dream or come into contact in another way with exalted personalities and convey to them their "appointment" regarding the new candidacy of shyryksha.

The history of the Aulietas cave.

The history of the Aulietas cave, apparently, begins in the era when primitive people settled on the shores of a large cascade of lakes, connected by waterfalls and rivers. After 40-50 thousand years, four scattered lakes remained from it - Sabyndykol, Zhasybai, Toraigyr and Birzhankul. Between them, even today, you can trace the paths of ancient watercourses and river channels, along which water was distributed from three high-altitude levels, each 100 meters lower than the previous one. Disappearing underground, water still accumulates in internal voids that are not open to the outside.

Underground spring and lake Toraigyr.

Sometimes, all of a sudden, people in the most unexpected places come across gully-bowls among the mountains, in which keys are beating directly from the cracks in the granite. Such a spring still feeds Lake Toraigyr. His other brother crosses the valley between Bayanaul and the Kapar forestry (marked on the maps as "Rybachiy Klyuch"). Local legends tell about such springs:
“... And he hit the kudukchi with a stick with an iron point on the crack in the stone slab, and clear and sweet-tasting water poured out, purrled straight from the mountain .. And then the relatives violated the ban on civil strife, After another feud, the spring stopped flowing, in front of everyone went back to the stone. "
There are several such springs left near the cave, the “parents” of which are groundwater, melted snow, and rainwater. But all of them are from the small basin of the Zhambak stream, which went down in the history of Kazakhstan as the place of one of the brilliant victories over the Dzungars.

Mount Naizatas or Bulka.

From a distance, the rock with the cave of Aulietas resembles a dilapidated primeval palace. Once upon a time it was crowned with oval tops. But over time, the sun, water, wind and frost took their toll, and now the top of the cave has become jagged. They go and go to it in different ways from Zhasybai past the famous bare mountain-hill Nayzatas (tourists called it Bulka because of its resemblance to a loaf of bread) through Zhambak. Another road runs past Lake Toraigyr with a left turn, along the foothills of rather steep rocky spurs extending to the southwest. One way or another we walked to the cave.

The relief around the cave (and it occupies the dominant height) is steep in the truest sense of the word - the angle of ascents and descents ranges from 60-70 to 75-85 degrees. Rocky hills, covered with pine and birch forests, are closely clustered around it.
The slopes are covered with a thick grass carpet, so the locals prefer to overcome these rather wild-looking slides in galoshes so that their feet do not slip.
At all times, from childhood, all the natives of the Bayan-aul region (volost, district, ulus) knew about the Aulietas cave.

Bioenergy and Aulietas Cave.

In Soviet times, the cave was forgotten for a long time and was "remembered" in 1995 thanks to the adherents of bioenergy and purification and health procedures. They once again gathered at the site of the most ancient Scythian settlement of Arkaim. From polemics about the processes of exchange, transmission and transfer of such phenomena as matter, energy and information, the participants of the Arkaim gathering went on to experiment - they decided to listen to the spirits of the Urals. Established a connection, made contact. The result amazed them. And earlier it was assumed that in the Ural mountains there are manifestations of active astral and etheric bodies, but so much ...
The representatives of the third were added to the first two types - the souls of deceased people. In parasciences, it is considered: energy is poured throughout the cosmos, from which ethereal invisible bodies of astral spirits are formed; from these are selected those who will receive an etheric body in order to prepare for the transition to the physical state. The spirit of a deceased person or animal returns back to ethereal form and coexists with stellar and molecular envelopes.
They are joined by the inhabitants of parallel worlds, which can appear in the form of images resembling holograms. Communication with them is the same as with real people. And the spirits constantly give out signals, wordless signs, signs; visit dreams and saturate them with indicative symbols.

Psychics and spirits communication sessions in the Aulietas cave.

After several sessions of communication, psychics suddenly "heard" distant voices and were delighted: finally there is confirmation that parallel worlds exist, and finally, for the first time in millions of years, it was possible to establish contact.
But it turned out to be the calls of the Aruach spirits from Bayanaul. Their message "sounded" in the form of mental pictures-projections, of which the landscape-mosaic was composed: a rock with a pointed-toothed top and a gap-entrance; mountains and rocks with stone bowls filled with black-transparent water, streams and beds of drying up rivers. The Aruahs who live here made it clear to people that they were inviting to themselves, that a very long time ago the most important spirit of these mountains cast a spell, and for many decades the sacred places were closed to the uninitiated.
Now the spell has been removed, grace has re-opened for everyone, and the Bayanaul aruakhs are ready to help people and cooperate with the Ural spirits. The invitation was accepted.
Then the experimenters "talked" with the Scythian spirits of Arkaim, and they gave their blessing; at the same time it turned out that some of the astral invisible lords of this part of the Urals are actually one whole with the Bayanaul, occupying the mountainous tract around the cave and the cave Aulietas itself.
In 1996, after making all the necessary inquiries, about a hundred participants of the "Arkaim crowd" arrived in Pavlodar, where they were met by local enthusiasts. Previously, everyone held a small purification hunger strike, and then went on foot from the regional center to Lake Zhasybay in order to go through Zhambak to the cave.
Going down the serpentine to the lake, everyone suddenly involuntarily stopped. A panorama of a huge depression opened before them, and the gilded towers and domes of an unknown ancient city clearly shone through the water surface. Then the vision disappeared. At the halt they tried to summon the spirits of the cave.
They were answered by the patron aruach, who has lived in Aulietas from the moment of her appearance until now. He called himself Konyr-awliye, explained how to go further and how to behave around the cave and inside it.
The spirit also made it clear that until there is a hereditary shyrykshy - the keeper and caretaker of "kasietti oryn" - he, aruakh, will not open the power of a sacred place, you can only stay in it.
The spirit made it possible to decipher the vision on the lake by its "pictures": there was once a large rich city in these places. People in it lived in peace, harmony and prosperity. On the site of Zhambak there were large gardens, and the mountain with the cave Aulietas was a natural temple created by nature itself, where people paid tribute to the Aruachs. But people sinned, and the spirits were angry with them.
Fiery streams burst from the bowels of the earth, the solid ground swayed like a sea in a storm. When everything calmed down, mountains piled up all around, lakes poured between them, one higher than the other. The waters overflowed in them, flowed like rivers and descended into the plains. The city sank to the bottom, and very, very rarely, several times in tens of thousands of years, people see it through the mirror of lake water.
This city was one of many built by people in the blessed Golden Age. His death meant the end of this period; similar catastrophes have happened all over the planet. People died, but the spirits remained, a big dispute arose between them: why was it necessary to destroy living souls?
Strong kind Aruach guardians punished the Dark Aruach and decided to save what was left for those who would settle in these places again. And they gave a spell: the best time will return in a year when there will be many eclipses in a row. This was one of the last years of the twentieth century, the second millennium.
Guests and hosts were not limited to a simple visit to the cave. They cleared the approaches to it, piled up brushwood and dead wood for further use. After conducting new cleansing sessions, the guests of the Aulietas cave determined that the places were "energetically neglected",
And some of them, the most impressionable, heard the "relieved sighs of nature itself." Some had inner vision, others received signs and revelations from local spirits. And everyone felt healthier.
Konyr-aulie, the patron spirit of Aulietas, again "gave out" his information. The spirits must show signs of respect, perform simple ritual actions and the pace to pay the memory to all the souls of the dead present at this point. After the ceremonies and communication with the spirits, one should spend the night at the entrance to the cave. In the morning, the ritual of meeting the Sun was held, and then people walked through the rocks to the bowls of Harmony and Love.
The first is a simple shallow notch of water, with which everyone rinses their face. The second is just a small pool, and above and below are its drying up brethren. It is strange that these bowls are at a great height, on the flattened tops of wooded hills. From the largest one you can see all four lakes. If you mentally connect them with a circular line, the cave will be in the center of this circle.

Visit to the Aulietas cave for health purposes.

After the "Arkaim" people, visits to the cave for health-improving purposes became regular. The most solemn and mysterious day of the year is August 15th. It turns out that this is a special date in the calendar of all mystics - the Planetary Day of the Sun. Once the participants of the next trip to the cave met the morning of this day after spending the night on heated stone slabs in front of the entrance to Aulietas. Everyone turned to face the sunrise, so as not to miss the moment of the appearance of the star. And then, as one participant later wrote in her diary, "there was a vision for everyone."

Watching lights over Bayanaul park and Aulietas cave.

The picture was amazing. Above the mountain near the cave, at a height of ten meters, flashes began to shine. The sun rose from behind the top with a bowl. In its rays the fiery contours of an unprecedented castle with six chapters were outlined. A small star flickered in neon next to him. The castle grew in size and shone through and through. On the left side, a woman's face suddenly appeared, framed by a veil and a frontal plate. On the plate were unknown letters inscribed in three lines. The Aruach woman gazed gratefully at the temple. And on the other hand, where a narrow stream bed runs down from the mountains, disappearing into crevices, a stormy river with bright blue water appeared to the eyes. Its course exactly followed the twists of several old channels running from the foothills of the cave past Kyzylshilik to Lake Birzhankul.

It was quiet all around, but music sounded in the minds and souls of the observers; the chorus entered. The trees seemed to move and in the postures of humble novices bent towards the temple. Then a dragon-like shadow fell over the giant hologram, and the image crumbled, silently scattered and melted into the sky. Everything disappeared and the morning became normal. Another time, other participants clearly saw spirits on the rocks adjacent to the cave. They looked like human figures in long cloaks with the heads of animals and birds. And after the very first trip, people who wished to go through the seminars "By the Path of the Ancestors ..." regularly received signals and signs both on the way to the cave and on the spot, around and inside it. The visions of the City of Gold and the Temple of Fire were the most significant and worth pondering over their interpretation. Therefore, everyone who happened to be eyewitnesses conducted a search.
After lengthy discussions with lively correspondence and telephone "call back" they agreed on a version that was common to all. Differences in languages, everyday habits, customs and traditions, religions do not matter. Everything that is in the material and spiritual culture of mankind comes from one common principle that arose forty thousand years ago in the practice of ancient people.

They were also called "flower" because they accompanied all their cults with flower decorations. It was they who then lived everywhere throughout the Earth, including in the mountain-forest Bayanaul. They were the ones who built everywhere their Temples of the Sun of Heliopolis. They are constantly receiving predictions and warnings. Some predictions sound fantastic: around A.D. 2025. there will be a turning point in the course of human history, up to a change in the physical course of time. The second will change the count from "ra-a-i-i" to "one-time-one".
A new creed will appear, and the path of Christ from Calvary will show the direction. (The line of this path continued along the map passes, by the way, through the azimuth of the Aulietas cave).
And it was they, the most ancient people, who once and for all elevated and deified the environment that gave rise to all of us, left their spirits and their souls on eternal watch. And generations of new people have added their own to them.
It is not surprising, therefore, that the aruakhs around the Aulietas cave and the spirits living in it bear different names - Konyr-aulie, Zhaulykty-Ana. Mother of the World Shri Mata, Mother Ochezar, Ilyas-kandai, Ira, Kalpe-caliph. With each new revelation, the number of names increases. And those that accompany the trip on the way from Pavlodar to the cave are from the same family. And those who sit on the stones near the lake and the Toraigyr spring, too. Road and field aruachs do not require much for themselves. You take water from a spring - put a little mold on a boulder sticking out next to it, otherwise the water will seem tasteless. If you have a snack at a halt, throw a piece of the treat aside. Aruach will immediately appear in the form of a bug, bird or lizard and take away your present. Do not forget to appease the fire of the hearth with a cauldron, apologize to the grass that you stomp or tear; stroke the stone slab on which you will sleep.

The spirits living on the peaks require strict order in the parking lot and good-natured behavior; do not tolerate abuse, quarrels, unkind thoughts. If you come home from a cave with a bruise, a dislocation, or a rubbed leg, then the aruahs have been punished. Living inside the cave Konyr-aulie and his retinue do not demand, but wait for the observance of the ancient ritual with bows, courtesy, a small gift and petition. In response, they give a sign and allow the keeper-shyrykshi to give the coveted pebble.
By the end of the 20th century, a shyrykshi was found near the Aulietas cave. Her patron saint Konyr-aulie chose a roundabout way for this. First, he appeared in a dream to the woman Batime-apai in Pavlodar and reminded her that before her birth her mother had turned to the aruachs of the cave for help and that the spirits helped to remove the spell, cut the fetters of infertility.

Aruakh-aga instructed her, Batima, to send such and such a woman to a village beyond the Irtysh and find a man named Aydarkhan there. to whom the sign has already been given, and he will indicate the name of the guardian Aulietas and the place where shyrykshy lives. Somehow miraculously, Batima-apai forwarded her dream to her relative Rose. Rose saw a man in a dream, with the help of friends she established his address and phoned him, Aydarkhan replied that the aruakh had already warned him and that she should go now. Smagulov met the guest in the courtyard and invited him to enter through the window, since one of Aydarkhan's patients was just broadcasting that stone guards and a man of about sixty were standing at the door. Smagulov confirmed: here is the answer of aruakh Konyr-awliye. You have to go to the distance a few kilometers from the village and Lake Toraigyr. The place is called Kyzylshilik, on the former cliff of the disappeared river there are two or three houses. Generations of shepherds and blacksmiths have lived there since 1650. The man whom the medium saw is Zhumat Kurmanov. He is the heir of all shyrykshi of the Aulietas cave. Rose went to Kyzylshilik and met with Zhumat.

They immediately recognized each other, although they had never seen each other before and had not known each other. Kurmanov seemed to be waiting for her, The only thing missing was the messengers with the news from the Aruakhs. Zhumat dedicated Rosa to the details of the rituals that he had learned from childhood from his father and grandfather and recalled that the spirits had instructed her to become a guide between the cave and people. And he will carry out his functions - to maintain order and prepare rituals.

Communication ceremonies with the Aruachs of Aulietas.

The ceremonies for communication with the Aruachs of Aulietas are strict and simple. Preparing for the ceremony, you need to cleanse the body with ablutions and light starvation, the soul by giving up abuse, bad memories and bad mood. You need to think about repentance and forgiveness. Therefore, they come to the cave early, settle in the parking lot, have a loose dinner in the evening and go to the entrance.

The cave itself is a small adit with three arches. The third - Shanyrak - is a stone yurt with a shallow well in the middle. There is a small ladder and a stone for lighting candles. Only in special cases is it allowed to rinse the body with water from a well.
The first step is asking permission to enter, ruksat kiruge. Then you need to stand or sit against the wall under the second vault. Silence, reflect, remove all experiences from the soul.
If there are many of them, you can cry, laugh, sing. In moments of meditation, a connection is established here with the spirits of the cave, who never leave it. Then you have to go under the vault of Shanyrak, stand on the step of the ladder, bow to the aruakhs and mentally ask them for help in solving a personal problem.

The petitioners go back, backing away, and unbend only from the outside. Everyone who has gone through the rituals of communication with the Aruach is always unusually excited and deep within themselves. After completing the ceremony, you can take a place in front of the entrance on the stones and slabs exactly at the point that will help get rid of an existing or just emerging ailment.

When the last participant of the trip finishes the ceremony, a discussion of the experiences after visiting the cave is held. Everyone talks about the signs they saw, the signals given by the spirits. An apple, rubies, a dove flying out from under the vault, a forest mouse of an unusual spotted color, a bas-relief of a sphinx-dog on the wall, a cloud that suddenly came running in and just as suddenly melted away - revelations are very different. After spending the night, everyone meets the sunrise and goes on an empty stomach. You need to climb one steep hill and visit the Harmony bowl, and then get off the hill and climb another, with even more difficult climbing, to the Love bowl. Having finished the walking part, having rested from shortness of breath and fearful tremors in the knees, the participants of the wellness sessions return to the parking lot and prepare lunch.

In order to fill the cauldron, you need to go to the crevice where the spring water accumulates. There are two places - higher, open, and lower in the thickets. Most often, water is collected in plastic two-liter bottle-cylinders, which have become familiar and convenient. After dinner, the leftovers are poured and stacked so that small animals living among rocks and boulders can feed themselves satisfyingly. Marmots visit the site more often. The route ends at Lake Toraigyr, where you must tie your offering to a sacred tree, collect water from the spring, after splashing it on the stone where the spirit of this spring sits.

It is necessary to walk along the sacred alder grove, listen to the seagulls in which the lake aruakhs have settled. Few of the participants in the ritual in the cave can explain where their revelations and visions come from. "Pictures" appear on the way. For example, near the village of Kalkaman I saw a rainbow circle with a green center. If someone entered it with something in hand, an invisible force pulled the sleeve, as if asking to throw or drop the object.
One guy obeyed and put his jacket on the ground. Immediately, a green lizard, which never occurs in the steppe, jumped out of the roadside bushes. Later in the cave, he asked the Aruach about this, and he gave a sign that on the road he met Bai-apa-awliye, living in all lizards and snakes.

The cave is "recharged" regularly. Somehow, during the next prophylaxis of the vaults, a cloud of tenderness and love was sent mentally. It suddenly became a visible blob of purple fog and floated to the ceiling. We mentally turned on the beam of the searchlight - and we clearly saw a column of light extending vertically upward into the thickness of the stone. After such a recharge, they once performed a ritual for a resident of the village of Shakat. She suffered from infertility for ten years. In the cave, the aruahs gave her a revelation and even showed her mental portraits of her future children. Later, the woman was able to give birth and for a long time could not believe her happiness.

The visions associated with the insight of wars and catastrophes are also interesting. In the mornings, the valley of the Zhambak stream is far visible from the rock with the cave. In the fog of dawn, scenes of the battle that took place there suddenly appear: horsemen collide with each other, arrows and stones are flying, foot soldiers brandishing lances and clubs. And someone suddenly sees a shiny ball of a spacecraft, and the aliens save people from an earthquake: the surface cracked with the eruption of water and fire, people run to the astronauts for deliverance.

You can relate to what is happening around the Aulietas cave and inside it as you like - believe, grin or look for an explanation for everything. Many opponents, who sharply criticize, demand to stop; there are also many supporters who welcome such forms of help to people in need. Those critics who themselves have visited sacred places and began to respect cult phenomena become supporters.

Here is just one of many a sincere message to those who are going to visit the sacred places, written after the signs given by the aruachs: “In the days of uncertainty and loss of illusion, when my whole life seemed to be controlled by forces beyond my control, I was exhausted mentally and physically, experienced nervous tension. My strength was exhausted, I was worried about the future. After the Aulietas cave, my life began to change. I became stronger and more collected, the thirst for study and education opened up. Now I am not afraid to continue living. "
Sometimes people dance around bonfires, rave on camlanets. They make amulets. At the beginning of the third millennium from the birth of Christ, amulets, veneration of animals, elements, unknown forces became relevant.
Miracles, it turns out, are, they are manifested in an unknown way in real life with the help of our ancient memory. We are no magicians, but there are those among us who, with their inner vision, "examine" the pages of human history lost in the past. This helps us to change the current life for the better.


Auelitas cave.


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