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Small Chebachye Lake in Kazakhstan, Borovoe resort, (Burabay).

Traveling on the lakes of the Borovoe resort area.

Excursion from Almaty to Burabay.

Small Chebachye Lake is a part of Borovoye lakes. In Borovoye there are several large and small lakes - Shchuchye, Borovoye, Bolshoye Chebachye, Maloye Chebachye, and so on.
The lake is slowly drying up, the water in the lake is getting less and less every year.

Small Chebachye Lake - how to get there.

The lake is located in the resort area of the Borovoe park, Burabaysky district, Akmola region in Kazakhstan. The lake is a landmark of this area, it is closed.

Small Chebachye Lake - information.

The water in the lake is replenished due to the melting of snows in the spring season, and water also enters the lake in the form of precipitation. The lake is slowly drying up; at this time, work is underway on a project to fill the lake with water and keep it from natural drying out. Apparently the lake is influenced by global warming.

Chebachye lake (small).


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