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Kholzun ridge, Kazakhstan Altai

Mountain hike (trekking) in the Kazakstan Altai

West Altai Nature Reserve - Kholzun mountain ridge

The Kholzun mountain range is part of the Altai Mountains, the forest mountainous republic of Altai, located in two states at once, Kazakhstan and Russia. The article deals with the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the West Altai reserve located on it, which is part of the Kazakhstan Altai.

Lineyskiy Belok (height 2599 meters), the highest point and summit of the Kholzunskiy ridge and the mountainous terrain prevailing in the region. The mountains are covered with beautiful coniferous forest, cedar-larch taiga, subalpine meadows, tundra.

The Kholzun ridge and the adjacent mountainous area are considered by the local peoples as a sacred mountain and sacred land. Throughout the Kholzun ridge, there are beautiful lakes, which are called the Kholzun lakes (the first Kholzun lake, the second Kholzun and the third Kholzun lake). There are also Tursugun lakes located at the extreme heights of the park. The entire area is filled with colossal nature, as all places have their own names.

Holzun ridge - how to get there

This mountainous area is located in Kazakhstan, on the territory of the East Kazakhstan region, bordered by the mountainous Republic of Altai (Russia). Part of the land is located on the territory of the West Altai Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the city of Ridder.

Kholzunsky ridge - West Altai nature reserve - information for tourists

To travel around this territory, you need to issue passes, also here we use horses for movement, horses can transport both people and cargo. We recommend walking and using horses only for transporting cargo. Traveling around this territory does not cause any particular difficulty, smooth hills are not high mountains, ascents alternate with descents to beautiful valleys. The whole load is carried by 5 horses, we all go light with personal belongings and water. This trip is notable for its comfort and does not cause any difficulties on the way.

Kholzunsky ridge


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