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Turgusun Lakes, West Altai Nature Reserve.

Travel to Turgusun lakes.

Horse-riding to Turgusun lakes.

Tursugun lakes are three alpine lakes located at different heights, the upper lake is located at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level. The group of lakes is part of the Bolshoi Tursugun river basin, there are 11 lakes in total, and the Tursugun three lakes are the main and largest in comparison with others.

Tursugun lakes - how to get there.

The lakes are located in the Ridder region, East Kazakhstan region, on the territory of the West Altai nature reserve. The mountain tract in which the Tursugun lakes are located is called the Black Knot. The main landmark here is the village of Ridder, this is the place from where our journey to the Tursugun lakes begins.

Tursugun lakes - information for tourists.

There are three main lakes in total, these are the First Lake Tursugun, the Second Lake Tursugun the, Third Lake Tursugun, Forth Tursugun lake. The lakes are located in a cascade, the Bolshaya Tursugun river flows through all four lakes, which originates in the upper reaches of the Black Knot. Nearby, at a distance of 13 kilometers in the same area, there is Vysheivanovsky Belok (height 2778 meters), the highest point of the West Altai nature reserve. Tursugunsike lakes are not large, the size of the first lake Tursugun is 350 meters by 230 meters, the other two lakes are smaller.

Traveling around this area is carried out on foot or on horseback, the nature of the region is very rich, the flora and fauna of the region is still studied by all sorts of researchers, here you will not find crowds of tourists and any kind of tourist infrastructure, the places are absolutely wild but safe for travelers. We have guides here from among the local population who know the region and its routes very well, as well as foresters and guides are responsible for the safety of tourists.

Tursugunsike lakes - the first, second, third.


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