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Aksu canyon in the Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve.

Walk to the Aksu canyon on the Aksu river.

The Aksu river canyon, picturesque and filled with a rich natural world, the flora and fauna of this region is unique and inimitable. Different types of plants grow in the canyon and different animals live. Swallows live on the rocks here, as well as in the canyon there are many birds of prey such as the golden eagle, snake eagle, kestrel (small falcon), you can also meet bears and mountain goats here.

Aksu canyon - how to get there.

The canyon is located on the Aksu river on the territory of the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, the main landmark here is the village of Zhabagly, there are guest houses and small hotels in the village. The canyon is located at an altitude of 1620 meters above sea level. Descent to Aksu canyon will take us 40 minutes.

Aksu canyon - information for tourists.

In the springtime, Kazakhstan tulips, Greig's tulip, Kaufman's tulip grow in the canyon. Therefore, we have special programs to observe the flowering of tulips in this region. The flora and fauna of the canyon is very rich. In the village of Eltai, not far from the canyon, you can get acquainted with the life of local residents. Life here is calm and slow. Travel in this region is available from April to October. We recommend traveling here in spring and early summer to see the entire canyon in full beauty and abundance of colors.

Aksu canyon.


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