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Katutau mountains in the Altyn-Emel nature reserve.

Natural attractions of the Altyn-Emel park.

One day tour to the Katutau mountains from Almaty.

The Katutau mountains in translation from the Kazakh language means "severe mountains". Mountains of volcanic origin, very bizarre and unusual in appearance. There are two ancient pale volcanoes in the mountains, which at one time actively erupted, which led to the formation of the Katutau mountains. The highest point is Mount Katutau with a height of 1720 meters above sea level. The rocks that make up the mountains are very fragile in composition, therefore, for a long time, the wind, frost and summer heat have carved out forms and all sorts of formations, which gives the area an alien look.

Katutau mountains - how to get there.

The mountains are located in Altyn-Emel, a national natural park and reserve, specifically, in its eastern part, in the Almaty region (Kerbulak district) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Katutau mountains GPS coordinates - 44 ° 12′12 ″ N 79 ° 17′29 ″ E.

Katutau - information for tourists.

Traveling to the Katutau mountains, we will definitely visit the Altyn-Emel nature reserve. We recommend that you travel in this area for at least three days, since one day must be laid on the way back and forth, plus one day in the reserve itself. We can settle down in guest houses in the reserve itself or set up our own base portable camp with all the necessary equipment, including a dry closet and shower.

Katutau mountains.


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