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Kairak waterfall in the Turgen gorge

Sights of the Ile-Alatau Natural Reserve

Mountain hike to the Kairak waterfall

The Kairak waterfall is quite large and is a landmark of the Turgen gorge. The height of the waterfall is about 55 meters, the waterfall consists of 3 cascades. When traveling to the waterfall, observe the safety precautions of being in the mountains, on your feet should be special boots for hiking in the mountains, matches, a compass, a flashlight, warm changeable clothes, sunglasses.

Kairak waterfall - how to get there

The waterfall is located in the Turgen gorge in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, on the territory of the Ile-Alatau reserve, the Oi-Karagai tract, the Kairak river. From the mouth of the Turgen River to the waterfall, the distance through the forest is 8 kilometers, 3 hours one way.

Kairak waterfall GPS coordinates - N43 ° 07′24 E77 ° 44′26 ″

Kairak river and Kairak waterfall - information for tourists

The Kairak waterfall is located on the Kairak river, the Kairak river is a tributary of the Turgen river. The journey to the waterfall will take you approximately 3 hours. The waterfall is quite large, a staircase was made to the waterfall for convenience to see the waterfall and take a photo. The waterfall was formed 10 years ago as a result of carving a rock with water from the Bozgul River.

Kairak waterfall


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