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Bear waterfall (Medvezhiy) in the Turgen gorge

Weekend hikes along the routes of the Ile-Alatau Park

Tours to Turgen gorge from Almaty

Bear Waterfall is a landmark of Turgen, the height of the waterfall is 30 meters. The waterfall is beautiful and picturesque. Since there are not many waterfalls in Kazakhstan, they are the attraction of our big country and the Bear waterfall is a place of pilgrimage and travel.

Bear waterfall in Turgen - how to get from the city of Almaty

The vopad is located on the Karagayly river in the Turgen gorge, Almaty region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. From the city of Almaty to the village of Turgen 70 kilometers, (1.5 hours on the way) further along the mountain road we move up the gorge, follow the signs. It is 1 kilometer from the parking place to the waterfall; a well-maintained hiking trail leads to the waterfall.

Waterfall Bear GPS coordinates - N43 ° 16′53 ″ E77 ° 42′55

Bear waterfall - information for tourists

The length of the route to the waterfall is 1.5 kilometers, travel time is 30 minutes. The trail to the waterfall begins at the 19th kilometer of the gorge. The waterfall is also a natural monument of local importance and is located in the protected area of the Ile-Alatau nature reserve. The height of the Turgen waterfall is 30 meters, the height at which the waterfall is located is 1550 meters above sea level.

Bear waterfall


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