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Turgen river in the Ile-Alatau reserve

Travel along the Turgen gorge

Rafting on the Turgen river

The Turgen river formed the Turogen gorge, the river is a landmark of the Almaty region, along the river there are many places where you can stay for rest. Here you will find cafes, restaurants and places for wild parking. In the upper reaches of the river there are the Almaty Reserve and the Zailiyskiy Alatau National Park, and in the lower reaches - the Karashengel Reserve.

Turgen river - how to get there

The river flows through the territory of the Enbekshikazakh district of the Almaty region, in the Turgen gorge. The Turgen River originates in the glaciers of the Trans-Ili Alatau and flows into the modern Kapchagai reservoir as the Ili River.

Turgen river - information for tourists

The Turgen River is formed by glaciers and waters flowing from the moraine. Rafting is possible on the river, our company will easily organize it for you. The river is formed by the confluence of the Shyn Turgen, Turgen (Ortaturgen) and Kishi Turgen rivers. The total length of the river is 116 km. Due to the use of drinking water for agriculture, the river often does not reach the Ili. The Tauturgen mineral water plant is located on the river bank. The Turgen River Valley is a famous recreation area in the country. There are many Saka burial mounds near the villages of Turgen, Karakemer and Akshi. The villages of Tauturgen, Turgen, Karakemer, Baltabay, Akshi, Kairat, Kush are located in the river valley.

Turgen river


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