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Chin Turgen gorge in the Ile Alatau park

Travel from Almaty to Chin Turgen

Sights of the Chin Turgen gorge

Chin-Turgen gorge is one of the small gorges of Turgen. Through this gorge you can go to Talgar peak and go to the Issyk gorge. There is a 3-day route for crossing the mountains through this territory. The relict forest "Chinturgen spruce forest" is located here.

Chin-Turgen - how to get there

The gorge is located in the main Turgen gorge, Almaty region, near the Batan village, the road goes up to the confluence of the Kshi-Turgen and Turgen rivers. Here begins a path that then disappears. To travel around this region, we recommend using a guide and guide.

Trekking in Chin-Turgen - information for tourists

Hiking along the gorge, we will cross rivers, so for the trip you must have all the necessary equipment for hiking in the mountains. There is no trail on this route, so you can only move here with the help of a guide or a guide, the places are very picturesque and beautiful, a lot of plants and berries grow in the gorge that you can eat along the way. Black currants, wild strawberries, drupes, and raspberries grow here. On the way, we will meet three small waterfalls, then we go out to gentle mountains from where a panoramic view of the local beauty opens up. Then we go to the Issyk gorge.

Chin-Turgen gorge


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