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Talgar mountain range.

Trekking along the Middle Talgar gorge.

Mountain hike from the Left Talgar gorge to the Kimasar gorge.

Talgar mountain range, located between the Big Almaty mountain gorge and Talgar mountains. The highest point here is Talgar peak at 4973 meters above sea level. If you look to the southeast from the city of Almaty towards the mountains, Talgar peak is clearly visible. Talgar Peak is considered to be the five thousandth peak of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, the place is very popular among climbers and travelers.

Glaciers, passes and peaks of the Talgar mountain range.

There are several high-mountain glaciers, the Korzhenevsky glacier, the Bogatyr glacier, the Zhangyryk glacier, the Dmitriev glacier, the Shokalsky glacier, the Metallurg glacier, the Kroshka glacier. The heights of the glaciers vary from 3000 to 4500 thousand meters above sea level. All glaciers have mountain routes and each of them, if desired, can be visited.

There are also passes here such as Talgar pass, Aktyuz pass, Severe pass. The peaks located here are called Kopyr peak, Trud peak, South Talgar peak, West Talgar peak. All passes and peaks have mountain routes of varying difficulty, but in general the region is considered to be of medium difficulty in the general classification. The heights of the region do not exceed 5000 meters.

Talgar mountain range.


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