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Ozerny pass (Lake pass) behind the Big Almaty Lake

Mountain hike to the Ozerny pass

One-day hikes in the mountains of Almaty

The lake pass, located in the mountains of the Ile-Alatau reserve in the Almaty mountains, an easy mountain path from Lake Bolshoye Almaty leads to the pass. The pass is located at an altitude of 3620 meters above sea level. Nearby there is a domed mountain peak Ozerny with a height of 4126 meters. It is possible to go through the pass to the valley of the Chong-Kemin river.

Ozerny pass - how to get there

The pass is located behind the Big Almaty Lake in the upper reaches of the Bolshealmatinskoe mountain gorge in the Ile-Alatau park and reserve. The border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan runs near the pass.

Lake Pass - information for tourists

There is a one-day tour from the Big Almaty Lake to the Ozerny pass. The route is not difficult, it passes through the picturesque valley of the Bolshaya Almatinka River, surrounded by snow-white peaks. You can make a two-day trip to the valley with an overnight stay under the pass. Through the pass there is a 4-day mountain route around the city of Almaty, called Around the World around the Almaty mountains. The route starts from Lake Bolshoye Almaty, here you can park your car. When traveling around the region, you must have documents proving your identity, since there is a border post in the gorge.

Ozerny pass


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