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Ayusai gorge in the mountains of the city of Almaty

Mountain hike to Ayusai gorge

Waterfalls on the Ayusai River

Ayusai gorge, a picturesque mountain gorge, is a small offshoot of the Bolshealmatinsky gorge. Ayusai translated from the Kazakh language means "Bear Log". There are 5 small waterfalls in the gorge, the height of one of the waterfalls is 6 meters, the length of the Ayusai River is 7 kilometers. Since 2020, a tourist infrastructure has been under construction in the gorge area; there will be a visit center, a camp-camping and an apple orchard.

Ayusai - how to get there

The gorge is located in the Ile-Alatau nature reserve, in the Big Almaty gorge, in the mountains of the city of Almaty. A small river Ayusai flows along the gorge. The ascent to the gorge starts from the Ayusai parking lot, here you will see sculptures of bears and a sign, the place is located above the bus stop number 28.

Ayusai - information for tourists

There are small waterfalls in the gorge, which are formed by the Ayusai River. The ascent to the gorge takes one hour, there is a mountain path along which you need to move. While in the mountains, observe safety precautions, do not leave the trail, always return before dark, do not go to the mountains alone, carry the necessary equipment, matches, warm clothes, a compass, a mobile phone, an additional battery for a mobile phone or an additional charger, if In an emergency situation, it is necessary to notify relatives and rescue services, the emergency telephone number is 112.

Ayusai mountain gorge


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