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Butakovsky waterfalls, pass and Butakovka gorge

Mountain hike to Butakovsky waterfall

Travel along the Butakovsky gorge

Butakovskoe gorge - "Butakovka" in translation from Kazakh means "branch". There are two small waterfalls in the Butakovsky gorge - the lower (Bolshoi) and the upper (Maly). The upper waterfall is located at an altitude of 2470 meters above sea level. The height of the upper waterfall is 20 meters. The height of the lower waterfall is 30 meters. In the upper reaches of the gorge there is the Butakovsky pass to which a mountain path leads.

Butakovka gorgehow to get there

The Butakovka gorge is located on the northern slope of the Zailiisky Alatau ridge in the reserve, the Ile-Alatau park. One can get to Butakovka through the small Almaty gorge. The tract is located at an altitude of 1700-2900 meters, the Butakovka River flows along the gorge, which then flows into the Bolshaya Almatinka River.

Butakovkainformation for tourists

In 1996, the territory of Butakovka was officially transferred to the Ili-Alatau State Natural Park. The territory of the gorge occupies 5,000 hectares and is guarded by five inspectors. Butakovka is famous for its favorable acoustic environment, there is only the silence of nature, the melodic sounds of the forest. The area is unique and beautiful, and the gorge itself is a great place to start short and long hikes. From here you can get to the Kimasar, Medeu tract, walk to the Talgara river valley. The main attractions of the Butakovsky gorge are 2 waterfalls. The flora of the gorge is rich and varied; Tien Shan spruce, aspen, chestnut and barberry grow here. The gorge is dominated by fresh air and is a great place to spend time on hot and cold summer days.

Butakovka - Butakovskoe tract


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