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Lake Karakol (Yazevoe). Sunrise at Lake Yazevoe.

Sightseeing lake Yazevoe.

Travel to Lake Yazevoe from the village of Uryl.

Lake Yazevoe is called Karakol by the locals. Karakol in translation from the Kazakh language means "black lake", they do this because the water at dawn in the lake really turns black, this apparently depends on the lighting and the surrounding area, which is located between the hills. Where the water is in the shade it is black, in the sun the water acquires a brownish color. All this makes the lake Yazevoe mysterious and unusual.

Karakol-Yazevoe is a black lake.

At dawn on Lake Yazevoe it is so unusual that you cannot even imagine it, you need to see it with your own eyes, especially get up early and wait for dawn, it is also necessary that the weather is clear and cloudless, and you will see everything for yourself, in our photos we will try to convey the mood early morning on the lake Yazev (Karakol).

Relax on the Yazev lake.

Many mountain streams flow into Lake Yazevoe (Karakol), all of them are not large, but something unusual happens to the streams here, warm water and a dark color were noticed in one stream, in other streams the water is cold and not dark. The lake is located on a natural peat bed and it is possible that peat is released from the ground, which gives the lake such an unusual color when it gets into the water.

Sunrise Lake Yazevoe


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