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Kaskelen gorge and Dolan Mountain plateau.

Mountain hike to the Dolan plateau through the Kaskelen gorge.

Sights of the Kaskelen gorge.

Kaskelen Gorge and Dolan Plateau are famous for their mountain trails and routes. There are many different checkpoints to which you can arrange a mountain hike both for one day and for a multi-day hike. The nature of the Kaskelen gorge is unique, a beautiful coniferous forest grows here, the height of the park does not exceed 4000 meters, it is very convenient and not so difficult to travel here.

Kaskelen gorge - how to get there.

Dolan gorge and plateau are located in the mountains of the Northern Tien Shan and Trans-Ili Alatau. From the city of Almaty to the turn into the Kaskelen gorge, the distance is 28 kilometers, you need to go through the village of Kamenka, the Chemolgan-Bishkek road. Follow the pointers and GPS navigator.

Kaskelen gorge - information for tourists.

In the gorge there are such sights as the Kyzylkungei tract with a height of 2400 meters, the Alpine mountain with a height of 3320 meters, the Kasymbeksay gorge, with a height of 1940 meters, the Aydarys tract with a height of 2700 meters, the Aydarasy pass, the Cossack moraine lakes. All these places can be reached on foot by organizing a mountain trek, our mountain guides can easily show you this region and travel through it.

Kaskelen gorge and Dolan plateau


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