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Kaskelen river.

Walk along the Kaskelen river.

Sights of the Kaskelen gorge.

The Kaskelen River originates in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level, the length of the river is 177 kilometers, the river flows through the Kaskelen Gorge. The river belongs to the Ili river basin. The river is a landmark of the Almaty region, here you can have a great time and walk in the mountains. The convenience of the Kaskelen gorge lies in the fact that the gorge is located near the city of Almaty.

Kaskelen river - how to get there.

The river is located near the city of Kaskelen, the distance from the city of Almaty to the river is 25 kilometers, the river is located in the Almaty region, the Kaskelen gorge.

Kaskelen river - information for tourists.

There is a maral breeding farm in the Kaskelen gorge next to the Kaskelen river, you can easily get here and watch the animals. The river flows through the Karasai and Ili districts of the Almaty region, it starts from two powerful glaciers in the Trans-Ili Alatau at an altitude of 3580 m and flows into the Kapchagai reservoir. The tributaries of the Kaskelen River are: the rivers Emegen, Kasymbek, Kopsay, Chamalgan, Aksai, Kokozek, Bolshaya Almatinka, Malaya Almatinka. Water from the river is used for water supply and irrigation of the city of Almaty, Kaskelen, and suburban farms.

Kaskelen river


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