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Sunkar bird and dog nursery.

Show with birds of prey in the Sunkar nursery.

Demonstration hunting with a golden eagle in Almaty.

In the Sunkar kennel, hunting birds and dogs of the Kazakh breed "Tazy" are bred. The nursery was established in 1989 to preserve and enhance rare and endangered bird species. During the period of its existence, the nursery bred 1060 individuals of various rare birds and released them into the nature of the Almaty Reserve.

Sunkar kennel - how to get there.

The nursery is located in the Big Almaty Mountain Gorge, in the Almaty Nature Reserve and in the Ile-Alatau Park. The distance from the city of Almaty to the nursery is 7 kilometers; the nursery is located right in front of the ecological post behind the platinum. Bus route number 28.

Show with birds of prey in the Sunkar nursery.

The show with birds is not a circus performance and this is not a zoo, birds are free and do not sit in cages, the performance is conducted by an experienced berkutchi master. Berkutchi will show you different birds and their hunting style. The Falcon Center has a bird of prey nursery, a rat breeding vivarium - food for birds of prey, a dog nursery, a stable, a hotel complex, horseback riding in the vicinity of the nursery, a heated pool, and a restaurant. A performance with birds of prey in the vicinity of Almaty is held daily from 17.00, except Monday.

Sunkar bird nursery