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Tourists mountain pass.

Trekking through the pass of Tourists from the left Talgar to the BAO.

Photo tour in the mountains of Almaty.

The pass of tourists is located on the famous mountain trail Almaty Around the World. The trail passes through the mountains of the city of Almaty, from the southern side, the beginning of the route begins at the Bolshoi Talgar pass and passes along the Left Talgar gorge. Then there is a two-day hike towards the Big Almaty Lake and with an exit to it.

Tourists pass - how to get there.

The pass is located at an altitude of 4000 meters, in the mountains of the city of Almaty, the pass is located on the mountain route Almaty Around the World. You can get to the pass through the Big and Small Almaty gorges.

Tourists pass - mountain trail Almaty Around the World.

Two routes start from the pass to the nearby mountain peaks, from here you can make a mountain ascent to the Molodaya Gvardiya peak and the Soviet Alpinists peak, the heights in the region do not exceed 4000 meters. You can also go to the pass from the Big Almaty Gorge bypassing the Big Almaty Lake. There is also a route along this path from the Tylgarsky pass. Both paths are suitable for all ages, you can move in both directions, it all depends on the complexity of the route. The route from the Big Almaty Gorge to the Small Almaty Gorge is considered easy, in the opposite direction the route is a little more difficult.

Hikers mountain pass in the mountains of Almaty


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