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Stone rock Uy-Tas, Bukhtarma river.

Excursions and tours in the Southern Altai in Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour from the village of Archaty to the Chindagatuy mountain tract.

The Ui-Tas stone is a landmark of the Southern Altai, the stone is so huge that it can claim to be one of the largest separately lying stones. There is a mountain road (path) next to the stone, so we will definitely meet Uy-Tas on our journey through the Altai Mountains.

Uy-Tas stone - how to get there.

The stone lies on the left side of the road if you go from the village of Archaty, the left side of the Bukhtarma river. The height of the area is 1390 meters above sea level, Katon Karagai National Reserve, East Kazakhstan region. The distance from the checkpoint of the rangers to the stone is 5 kilometers.

GPS coordinates Stone Uy-Tas - N49 ° 12'50.96 "E86 ° 45'44.02"

Uy-Tas rock, stone - information for tourists.

The stone resembles a huge house, if you drive up to the stone at dusk, the stone takes on mystical outlines and becomes like anything, someone sees a huge dark house without windows and light in them, someone sees a dark ball, at dusk the outlines are blurred and the stone really looks like a dark huge ball when viewed from a distance. At the local border outpost, there is a tradition of going to the stone and leaving your name on it when a soldier finishes his military service. The stone is also sacred, some locals say that the stone is alive.

Nobody knows how the stone appeared in this place, presumably once upon a time there was a strong earthquake and the stone fell off the mountain range and rolled into the valley.

Uy-Tas rock stone