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Bridge on the Belaya Berel (White Berel) river.

Tourism in Kazakhstan Altai.

Jeep tour from Uryl village to Yazevoe lake.

The wooden bridge over the Belaya Berel River is unique, built a long time ago in Soviet times, built for the development of the region and the exploration of the area and the extraction of minerals. The bridge was built in 1938, completely made of wood, the bridge still exists, and we will definitely pass it and see if we travel through the Kazakhstan Altai.

Wooden bridge on the Belaya Berel river - how to get there.

The bridge is located on the Belaya Berel River, Katon-Karagai National Reserve, East Kazakhstan region. The road from the village of Berel to the village of Uryl.

Bridge on the river Belaya Berel - information for tourists.

The bridge is a complex engineering structure, the bridge is entirely made of wood. If you look at the design features of the bridge, they will surprise you, the bridge represents the ferch of the engineering thought of the time, characteristic of this region. The bridge is located in a mountainous area and is built across a rather large, wide and rough river, which makes the project quite difficult to implement. But the bridge was built by Soviet engineers in a short time and is still functioning, which indicates its high strength and quality of construction.

Wooden bridge on the river Belaya Berel


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