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Lake Karakul (Karakol) in the Buzunbay gorge

Jeep tour to Lake Karakol (Buzunbai tract) -

Mountain hike to the lake Karakol in the tract, Buzunbay gorge -

Karakul (Karakol) is a picturesque mountain lake, one of the main attractions of the Almaty region. The lake and the gorge are very picturesque and beautiful, you can go here for one night or spend several days and nights here, it all depends on your desire. A mountain road leads up the Buzunbai gorge, along which it is possible to move only by 4x4 car. We also recommend having a guide who knows the area.

How to get there -

The Karakol lake is located in the Almaty region in the region of another lake Tuzkol and is located in a mountainous area. The main landmark here is the village of Kegen, from which you need to get to the village of Kakpak and then follow to the Buzunbay gorge and its upper reaches.

Information for the tourist -

The journey to the Karakul (Karakol) lake can take one day, the road to Lake Tuzkol is asphalt, then a mountain road leads to the mountains. It is possible to move here only by car 4x4. It takes at least three days and two nights to visit the area. This jeep tour requires preparation, so it must be booked at least 48 hours before departure. You must have identification documents with you, as the area is located in the border zone. All equipment for setting up the base camp is provided by our company, accommodation takes place in tents.

Karakul (Karakol) lake in Kazakhstan


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