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Zhabyrtau mountains, Almaty region, Tuzkol lake area.

Trip from Almaty to the Zhabyrtau mountains.

Journey to Tekes village, Tuzkol lake and Zhabyrtau mountains.

Zhabyrtau Mountains, a little-known landmark of the Almaty region. The mountains are picturesque clay hills (hills). It is especially beautiful here in spring and early summer, when the area is immersed in greenery and flowers. The width of the Zhabyrtau mountains is 4 kilometers, the length is 10 kilometers. The height of the mountains in their highest part is 2292 meters above sea level. Mountains appeared here in the Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic era.

Zhabyrtau mountains - how to get there.

The Zhabyrtau mountains are located in the Almaty region, Raymbe district, Narynkol district, 14 kilometers from the Tekes village to the northwest. GPS coordinates of Zhabyrtau Mountain: N42°56'50.60" E79°59'20.18

Zhabyrtau mountains - information for tourists.

In the mountains of Zhabyrtau, a rarest skeleton of an ancient dinosaur, a pliosaurus, was found, the relic of which was irretrievably lost. The area is becoming popular because the nature here is unique, low-hanging clouds and the greenery of the region give the area a magical and unforgettable look. Here you can take very beautiful photos, as well as traveling around the region, you can see Lake Tuzkol here. Also here is the village of Tekes, which is the main landmark. Traveling to the Zhabyrtau mountains, we will need at least two days, there are no hotels and guest houses here, so you need to take all the necessary equipment for setting up the base camp with you or travel on a motorhome with high traffic.

Zhabyrtau mountains.