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The Kyzylauz pass in the mountains of Sary Tau.

Jeep tour to the Kyzylauz pass through the Assy plateau.

Journey to the Sary Tau mountains and the Kyzylauz mountain pass.

Kyzylauz is a picturesque mountain pass, located at an altitude of 3007 meters above sea level. a mountain road leads to the pass, it is possible to get here by a 4x4 cross-country vehicle. The road of the place is very bad, there is no asphalt, we do not recommend traveling here in the rain, as the road is washed out by water. The road goes through the mountains in long serpentines, we recommend traveling here in two cars for a safer trip, in case one car gets stuck.

Kyzylauz pass - how to get there.

Kyzylauz pass is located in the Tien Shan mountains, Kegen district, Almaty region. A mountain road leads to the pass through the Zhenishke gorge, further along the road you can get to the famous Assy plateau. The river also flows here, Zhenishke, which is one of the landmarks.
GPS coordinates of the Kyzylauz pass: N43°12'15.71" E78°04'53.72"

Kyzylauz pass - information for tourists.

There is no infrastructure on the Kyzylauz pass, there are no hotels and guest houses, so all the necessary equipment for setting up a tent camp, cooking, etc. must be taken with you. The road to the pass is accessible for highly passable 4x4 jeep vehicles. The distance from the mouth of the Kindyksay River to the Kyzylauz Pass is 24 kilometers along a mountain road, the height here varies from 2300 meters above sea level to 3000 meters. The entire route passes through the mountains. From the Kyzylauz pass, a beautiful panorama of the Kungei-Alatau mountains opens, with snow-capped peaks and glaciers, as well as from the pass you can see the Taban-Karagay mountain tract and the Kungei Alatau mountain range. Further through the pass you can get to the Assy plateau and further to the Turgen gorge and return to Almaty. Check-in to the Kyzylauz pass takes place from the other side. For more information and organization of this jeep tour, you can contact our company.

Kyzylauz pass.