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Kapamsay chalk canyon

Jeep tour to Kapamsay canyon on Mangyshlak -

Journey to the Tupkaragan Peninsula in the Mangyshlak Highlands -

Kapamsay is the chalk canyon, a landmark of the Mangyshlak and Tyupkaragan peninsulas. The canyon is composed of Jurassic Cretaceous deposits. The color of the canyon is white, mixed with green vegetation, which gives the canyon extraordinary beauty and unusualness. Near the canyon there is a mountain Kapam height of 200 meters above sea level and in the south of the canyon there is an abandoned village "The Way of Communism".

How to get there, visit -

Kamapsay Canyon is located in the Mangistau region, Mangistau district, the canyon is located 2 kilometers from the main road from the city of Fort Shevchenko - the village of Tauchik. The main landmark here is the abandoned village Way to Communism and Mount Kopam.
GPS coordinates: N44°24'30.37 E51°04'34.21

Tourist information -

It is best to travel to the Kapamsay Canyon in late spring and early summer, at this time it is beautiful here, nature blooms and fills with colors. Also, the entire Mangistau region is blooming at this moment, so this is the best time to travel. At the end of summer it becomes very hot here and the area acquires the same shade, all vegetation burns out. The length of the Kapamsay canyon is 4 kilometers, nearby is Mount Kapam, the highest point, you can climb it and see the panorama of the area. The canyon is a deep ravine or corridor, very picturesque and unusual, in the canyon you can hide from the scorching sun. Different types of amazing plants grow in the Kapamsay Canyon. Even mulberry trees grow here, which is a rarity for this area, they grow here due to the fact that there is shade in the canyon and rainwater enters the canyon, which contributes to the growth of plants.

Descent to Kapamsay canyon -

It is necessary to go down into the Kapamsay canyon very carefully, you can get here only from its mouth. There are no trails here, so you have to choose your own path. It is also necessary that you have special shoes on your feet, a panama hat from the sun, sunglasses, and a supply of water. The journey to the canyon can take 1-2 hours. In this place, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and not go into the canyon alone, but only in a group of people and in the presence of a guide who knows the area and the area.

Chalk canyon Kapamsay


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