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Small Koitas petroglyphs (Usek)

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The petroglyphs of Maly Koytas in the tract, which is also called Maly Koytas, are quite popular, if you are interested in the past of our ancestors, how they lived and what they depicted on the stones, then you should definitely visit this complex with rock carvings. The petroglyphs of Maly Koytas belong to the Bronze Age, mountain goats, argali, bulls, deer, horses are depicted here, there are also images of people and archers who shoot argali. Among the predators here are depicted leopards and wolves.

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The petroglyphs of Maly Koytas are located in the mountain tract which is also called Maly Koytas at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level in the Almaty region, Panfilov district. The mountain river Usek flows here, the main landmark here is the village of Enbekshi, the distance from the village to the petroglyphs is 17 kilometers, the petroglyphs are located on the right bank of the Usek River. GPS coordinates: 44°27'28"N 79°49'12"E

Information -

Maly Koytas petroglyphs are located quite far from the city of Almaty, so it is best to go in that direction for two days, you need to leave early in the morning. Petroglyphs are applied to local rocks and large stones, the total number of petroglyphs known here totals 1500 images. All images are made in a typical animal style for Kazakhstan. The main sanctuary where the main petroglyphs of Maly Koytas are located is located 35 kilometers from the city of Zharkent at the confluence of two rivers Maly Usek and Bolshoy Usek.

Maly Koytas petroglyphs Usek in Jetisu region


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