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Petroglyphs of Kyzyltas (Red Stone), Taldykorgan, petroglyphs of Uytas.

Excursion to the petroglyphs Krasny Kamen, Uytas from Taldykorgan.

Unknown petroglyphs of Kazakhstan.

In November 2010, in the area of ​​the dacha society Uytas, local residents discovered ancient petroglyphs Kyzyltas (rock paintings). This object has not yet been studied and there is very little information about it, so the dating of this object has also not been established. Apparently, these petroglyphs, like all other petroglyphs on the territory of Kazakhstan, belong to the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Iron Age. The petroglyphs also do not have a name, therefore they are called the places in which they were discovered, Taldykorgan petroglyphs, Krasny Kamen petroglyphs or Uytas petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs Kyzyltas, Red Stone, Taldykorgan - how to get there.

Petroglyphs Krasny Kamen are located near the city of Taldykorgan in the dacha communities Krasny Kamen and Uytas. Petroglyphs are located on the right bank of the Karatal River. GPS coordinates of Uytas petroglyphs: N 44°57'27.3'' E 078°25'49.6

Uytas petroglyphs, Kyzyltas, Red stone - information for tourists.

There is no information about the Uytas or Red Stone petroglyphs, this object is just beginning to be explored by archaeologists from the city of Almaty. You can just go and see these petroglyphs without any information about them. At the place where the petroglyphs were found, the remains of ceramics and stone tools were also found. The petroglyphs were carved on the rocks using the technique of dot-cutting. Here you can see images of a leopard, images of animals such as a mountain goat, horses.

Uytas petroglyphs, Kyzyltas.


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