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Kokkol Waterfall

Mountain hike to Kokkol Waterfall from Lake Yazevoe

Attractions of Katon-Karagai Park

Kokkol is the largest waterfall in the Katon–Karagai Nature Park and Reserve. The height of the waterfall is 60 meters, the width is 10 meters. The waterfall is formed by a river called the Bolshaya Kokkol River, the river flows from the moraine lake Kokkol. Near the waterfall is the resort village of Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi.

Kokkol waterfall – how to get there

Kokkol Waterfall is located in the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve in the East Kazakhstan region in Kazakhstan. The distance from the village of Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi to the Kokkol waterfall is 23 kilometers. GPS coordinates of Kokkol Waterfall: 49°43'09"N 86°39'44"E

Kokkol Waterfall – information for tourists

Next to the Kokkol waterfall is the famous Belukha Mountain, the waterfall is very popular among the guests of the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve. The waterfall is part of the Altai Mountains and the so-called Kazakh Altai. A mountain trail leads to the waterfall, along which you can get to the waterfall. We recommend moving around the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve in the presence of a guide who knows the area well, it is not recommended to move alone and unaccompanied in the reserve. Next to the Kokkol waterfall there is a tungsten mine which is also called Kokkol, it is also possible to take a walk to it and see the mine.

Kokkol Waterfall


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