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Nature Museum in Karkaralinsky Park

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The Nature Museum in the Karkaralinsky Nature Reserve is a two-story small wooden building built in Soviet times. The museum building is an architectural landmark of Karkaralinsk Park. The museum has several exhibition halls of flora and fauna of the Karkaraly Park.

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The Nature Museum is located in the Karkaraly National Park in the Karaganda region, Karkaraly Mountain district, Kazakhstan.

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The part of the territory where the Karkaraly Park Nature Museum is located includes the land on which bison are bred, bison were brought to the park for breeding in 2000 from Belarus. Also on this territory, the Prizhevalsky horse is bred and there are enclosures for wild boars. While here, we will take an excursion to the museum and see bison and wild boars in nature, watch Prizhevalsky's horse. In 2003, the bison brought the first offspring, a small bison was born, which was named Karkusha.

The Museum of Nature in the Karkaraly Nature Reserve


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