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Karasay River in Kolsay Park

Tourism in Kolsay Kolderi Park -

Mountain hike along the Karasay River in the Karasay gorge -

The Karasay River, a picturesque mountain river, a tributary of the Chilik River, originates in the Kungei Alatau Mountains at an altitude of 3800 meters, flows through the Karasai gorge of the same name. The length of the river is 20 kilometers. The mouth of the Karasai River is located next to the Abike forestry (the post of the rangers of the Kolsai Koderi Park). The Karasai River originates in the moraine mountain lakes, "Lower Lake Karasai" and "Upper Lake Karasai" at an altitude of over 3000 meters above sea level.

Karasay River – how to get there -

The Karasai River is located in Kolsai Kolderi Park at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, Kungei Alatau Mountains, Kegensky district, Almaty region, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Karasai River: N43°00'33.44" E77°46'24.15"

Karasay River – tourist information -

In the upper reaches of the Karasay River there are two beautiful moraine lakes Upper and Lower Karasay, a mountain route leads to the lakes, along which you can climb the Karasay gorge, along the Karasay River to its upper reaches and see these lakes. The route is little-known, but popular, the route is not complicated, passes through the territory of Kolsay Park, surrounded by a pine forest. The route to the upper reaches of the Karasay Gorge can take 2-3 days, depending on your physical fitness. The whole area of the gorge and the Karasu River is very picturesque, you will not meet other people here, the places are very secluded and little visited. Having risen to the moraine lakes, you will see all their unforgettable beauty. The upper lake Karasay is the most beautiful, the water in it is absolutely blue, the water is crystal clear, you can drink water.

Karasay River


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