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Beloubinskoe Lake, the first, West Altai Park

Nature of the East Kazakhstan region -

Horseback riding to Beloubinskie lakes -

The first Beloubinskoe lake, a high-mountainous, beautiful, small lake, is a landmark of the West Altai Nature Reserve, located at an altitude of 2035 meters above sea level. The lake is part of the Beloubinsk Lakes, in total there are 3 lakes, there is also the second Beloubinskoye Lake, and the third Beloubinskoye Lake, as well as the Kedrovoe Lake. All three lakes have a mountain route that can be done on foot or on horseback.

First Beloubinskoye lake - how to get there -

The first Beloubinskoye lake is located in the West Altai Reserve in the East Kazakhstan region, Ivanovsky mountain range, Ridder district. From Lake Kedrovoe to Beloubinskoye Lake, the distance is 2 kilometers.

Beloubinskoye lake, the first - information for tourists -

To see the Beloubinsk lakes, you need to organize a horseback tour through the mountains of the West Altai Reserve. We recommend moving around the reserve on horseback, it is very convenient and saves a lot of energy, horses also carry the main load to set up the base camp, which is also very convenient. There is no tourist infrastructure in the reserve, there are no guest houses and hotels, therefore, on the territory of the reserve, on our journey, we spend the night in a portable tent camp.

The Belaya Uba River flows out of the first Beloubinskoye Lake. The lake is 290 meters long, 300 meters wide and 10 meters deep. The lake is very picturesque, on one side the lake is surrounded by a small hill, on the other side the lake is surrounded by a beautiful mountain valley. The water in the lake is replenished due to the melting of snow in the spring, the lake is surrounded by low snowy mountain peaks. There are two small lakes near the lake.

First Beloubinskoye Lake


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