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Beloubinskoe Second Lake

Journey from Ridder to the West Altai Reserve -

Lakes of the West Altai Reserve -

The second Beloubinskoe lake is located next to the first Beloubinskoe lake at a distance of 100 meters. The length of the second lake is 200 meters, the width is 150 meters, the depth is unknown. The lake is very picturesque and beautiful, a mountain route leads to the lake, which you can ride on horseback or on foot, we recommend traveling through the reserve on horseback, this will save you strength and you will experience new experiences.

Second Beloubinskoe Lake - how to get there -

The second Beloubinskoe Lake is located on the territory of the West Altai Reserve in the Ridder district, East Kazakhstan region.

Second Beloubinskoe Lake - information for tourists -

The group of Beloubinsk lakes includes three lakes, the lakes are located at a relatively short distance from each other. The Belaya Uba River flows through all three lakes, the same river originates in these lakes. The places here are very beautiful and wild, you will never meet crowds of tourists and vacationers here. To travel around the West Altai Reserve, you need to contact our company, and we will arrange for you a horseback tour of the reserve with all the necessary equipment.

Beloubinskoe Second Lake


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