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Beloubinskoe Third Lake

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The third Beloubinskoe Lake is located next to by the first Beloubinskoe lake and by the second Beloubinskoelake. The lake is located at an altitude of 2135 meters above sea level and is the upper lake of all three lakes. The lake is not large compared to the first and second lakes, its length is 270 meters, width is 180 meters. Beloubinskoe Third Lake is moraine, you can approach the lake from the north side, from other sides the lake is surrounded by steep slopes.

The third Beloubinskoe lake - how to get there -

Beloubinskoe Third Lake is located in the East Kazakhstan region on the territory of the West Altai State Nature Reserve, Riddersky district, Kazakhstan.

Beloubinskoe third lake - information for tourists -

To get to the third Beloubinskoe Lake, we will use the services of local grooms, from whom we rent horses. The journey begins from Lake Kedrovoye to the Black Knot tract, here we will have a base camp from where we will make radial hikes to the sights of the West Altai Reserve. There are many attractions in the reserve, rivers, lakes, tracts, the nature of the reserve is unusual, beautiful and easily accessible.

Beloubinskoe third lake


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